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Thread: 10 Things That Make People with ADHD Highly Successful

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    Default 10 Things That Make People with ADHD Highly Successful

    Hi everyone,

    I saw this list and thought many of you might relate:

    10 Things that Make People with ADHD Highly Successful

    What have Richard Branson, Ty Pennington, Katherine Ellison, Paris Hilton, and Solange Knowles all got in common? They all have ADHD and they have been very successful. It has not always been easy for them as they have had to cope with hyperactivity, short attention span and the side effects of medication. But ADHD does have quite a few benefits which are rarely talked about. With the right guidance, these weaknesses can be transformed into strengths. People with ADHD have a lot going for them. Let us look at 10 things which actually help them to be successful.

    Click the above link to read the 10 things.
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