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Thread: Keeping a Healthy, Happy ADD Brain

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    Default Keeping a Healthy, Happy ADD Brain

    Strategies for Keeping Your ADD Brain Happy and Healthy
    Additiude Magazine
    by Dr. Daniel G. Amen, from Healing ADD
    Posted August 14, 2015

    People with ADHD spend too much time “accentuating the negative,” says one ADD expert. Here are strategies to weed out the bad thoughts to make room for the positive ones.

    It's Only a Failure If You Give Up

    We fixate on our failures. Ruminate on our regrets. And apologize way too much. Here's some expert advice for moving past disappointments and blocking the negative thoughts that hold us back from what we deserve.


    See the online slideshow on Additude: Negative Thinking | Negative Outcome

    PDF transcript is attached for download / printing / viewing
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