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Thread: ADHD in Terms S/He Can Understand

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    Default ADHD in Terms S/He Can Understand

    ADHD in Terms S/He Can Understand | The Meaning of ADHD
    ADDitude Magazine
    by Larry Silver, M.D.
    Posted March 2, 2016

    If your child doesn't understand how ADHD affects him, he can't tell you what's bothering him. Worse, he feels bad about his behaviors because he doesn't know what's causing them.

    The more children know what ADHD means, the better. Here's how and why you should explain the meaning of ADHD to your child.

    How Well Should You Explain What ADHD Means?
    Explaining ADHD to your child, and giving him the words to tell you how his symptoms affect him, will allow you to work more effectively with doctors, teachers, and family members.
    How to explain ADHD to a child in his/her own terms is a seven part slide show by ADDitude that can be viewed online

    A PDF transcript is attached for download / saving / printing.


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